The Keratoconus Group is the working name of The Keratoconus Self Help Rigid gas permeable lenses are can also help normalize vision at this stage. I had no problem with my vision until very recently when the local doctors diagnosed my left eye as having keratoconus. Just one or two of these suggestions may make all the difference to how well the person with keratoconus manages at work. All these things can reduce daily lens wearing time and consequently the time available with good vision. Dr. Soroudi personally takes photos of every eye and eyelid condition and displays images of these conditions on a high-definition computer screen for the patient and the family to see. Some people are more likely to develop keratoconus due to a weakness in collagen (material that makes up the cornea) integrity. Flash forward to age 25 and I nearly broke down in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) after I failed the vision test associated with the driver’s license renewal procedure. However if the condition progresses, good vision is no longer possible using spectacles but can be attained with special contact lenses. JK: It amazes me that most of the patients I see fear that … The top of the screen should be slightly below horizontal eye level. And with the correction, you may be able to see your computer screen again and work just as fast (if not faster) than your co-worker sitting next to you. Enlargement software, screen readers, speech software may be appropriate for some people. A small minority of people with keratoconus may eventually need a corneal transplant. Forgetting to blink exacerbates dryness and irritation. Keratoconus Treatment. So someone may be fine in the morning, but find their vision deteriorates later in the day, as their eyes get tired and a dry atmosphere causes their lenses to dry out and become uncomfortable or painful to wear. It is designed to assist those with keratoconus in the workplace. Tips to improve this condition include frequent blinking, intermittent breaks from the computer, and lubricant eye drops. Spending lengthy periods of time at a computer can increase light sensitivity-induced eye pain in a keratoconus-afflicted person with occasional photophobia. Understanding the topography — “The island in the ocean” When you were diagnosed with keratoconus, your eye doctor probably took what was called a corneal topography reading. It may be helpful to get an individual assessment through the Access to Work scheme, when a professional advisor will assess the person’s work environment and suggest the most appropriate solutions. Feature Series On Ocular Allergy. Keratoconus is caused by a decrease in protective antioxidants in the cornea. New Strategies in the Diagnosis and Management of Ocular Allergy. There is strong evidence to suggest that genetics plays a role in the development of keratoconus. The text quality in the DK2 really isn't quite good enough to use it as a general monitor IMO. Keratoconus is not a visible condition, so there are no cues for others to pick up on. There is no clear evidence that computer use or using other digital devices such as tablets, e-readers and smart phones will cause keratoconus to worsen. and Support Association. Medical disclaimer. By Gary Heiting, OD. When I got my laptop (a Dell Studio XPS 16) I was surprised and chagrined to see it has a highly glossy screen, and have been irked by it ever since, as it really, totally sucks. Many cases are relatively minor and you only need glasses to correct them. UK Keratoconus Self-Help and Support Association, Health & Safety – how the law can help you at work, Getting the most out of a contact lens appointment, Engineers to develop spectacle lenses for keratoconus patients, New research discovers possible alternative to antibiotics to treat corneal infections. (SC039552). The main surgical procedures are Intacs, which are plastic rings inserted into the cornea that flatten the cone, and corneal transplantation, where the abnormal corneal shape is removed in its entirety and replaced with a normal cornea. Most patients are treated with contact lenses and only in rare cases does the disease become significant enough to require a corneal transplant. It is important to remember that most people with keratoconus will develop their own strategies for coping with most situations and may only need support and understanding if they go through a bad patch with their vision. Dust, wind, pollen, smoke and air conditioning can also cause discomfort. Look up from your computer screen regularly. It contains information and advice for employers to generate a better understanding of keratoconus. I was diagnosed with Keratoconus in 2015. Light levels can be important – natural lighting is best, but where that is not possible, avoiding glare or looking at a light source will help (the person with keratoconus is often the one wearing sunglasses most of the day!). Unfortunately, keratoconus could also be serious and you need to see an eye doctor as soon as possible if you experience symptoms like blurred or cloudy vision. Most people do get good correction of vision with lenses and may go for long periods without experiencing any problems, although they may need changes in the prescription of their lenses if the cornea continues to change shape. I was wondering how much 'damage' computer screens and TV's do to Keratoconus sufferers, with or without their prescription glasses or contacts. If someone is experiencing problems at work, only minor adjustments may be enough to make all the difference. and Support Association, a registered charity in England and Wales (1057629) and in Scotland Not every question will receive a direct response from an ophthalmologist. get a matte coating. Having keratoconus can be tough and if you also have a job, sometimes it can get a bit tricky. What are some tips for preventing further keratoconus eye glare while staring at a computer screen all day? Place reference material at the same distance from eyes as the computer screen and as close to the screen as possible. I don't even understand why they make it, since in anything but a dark room you can see your reflection in the screen. This makes the screen flicker very quickly and can strain the eyes, especially for people who are sensitive. Like many other long-term medical conditions, keratoconus varies in severity and the effect on the vision can fluctuate. Talk to the HR(personnel) department or your line… People with keratoconus are also likely to be light sensitive, and their vision may be affected by glare so they may benefit from shading from direct sunlight (eg blinds) or changes in computer screen brightness. Providing hard copy of any slides would be helpful. Eventually eyeglasses and soft contact lenses are no longer sufficient.