Echo devices might be grouped improperly, or there might be Wi-Fi issues. Do I restart her. Oddly this happened before a couple of months ago when I turned off the power strip that the Echo was plugged into. Next, the Alexa app should create a direct connection between your phone and Echo speaker.If this doesn't happen, go to your phone's settings app and join the new Wi-Fi network the Echo has just created, which will be called something like "Amazon-AB12." If you’re handy with electric circuit boards, you can take a look at it yourself. It wouldn't turn on at all for a couple of days, and then one night at 3AM I heard the boot up sound and Alexa boomed out HELLO!!! How to reset 2nd-generation Echo, Echo Dot 1. Alexa is off WiFi after power outage. How to I go about bringing her back. scaring the hell out of my wife and I. If the TV won’t turn on after a power outage, even after you disconnected and reconnected it, it is most likely that the power supply regulation section has failed. For ex. Multi-location / 3-way wiring may be incorrect. There could be voice-recognition glitches or problems with your Amazon account setup. If a particular Skill isn’t doing what it’s told, it may just be a bad Apple. just did a search on the modem, … Wait 30 seconds after power is applied to toggle the load. 3-way switch does not turn the lights ON. The Power-On Behavior feature is most useful when you lose power, but you can test it by hitting your light switch and turning your lights on and off. There may be a simple culprit, such as a power or internet outage. Refer to wiring diagrams in instructions. You’ll find it either on the main board or a separate one in the power supply. 3-way switch may have a locator light. 1st button press may not work after initial power up. Power went out, back now, Alexa in off WiFi. yayou, First, find out if it’s a telephone line issue or a power line issue. Power outage screwed up some parts but not others Hi everyone! Initial power up or power outage. : on a nice day, no rain, little moisture, PBX working fine with little/no echo etc., pull the plug on your PBX server (OK, you might want to do a clean shutdown instead of pulling the plug…). My amazon echo was plugged in during a power outage, and now that the power is back, the echo has the power light above the cable on, and when I hit the mute button on top, the red mic lights up, but the light ring, speakers, and microphone don't work. Press the button again. Technician's Assistant: The Network Technician will be able to walk you … Usually no problems after a power outage though every once in a while had to do a power cycle on the wink hub. Technician's Assistant: Who makes your router? Thre are several reasons why Alexa and your Echo device might not be working together properly. Note: If your device loses its Internet connection and won't reconnect, first try restarting your Echo device.If that doesn't work, or if your device has intermittent connectivity issues, try the following steps to resolve most Wi-Fi issues: Make sure that your Echo device is … Alexa has access to around 25,000 Skills and not all of them are going to work in the way you think. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet, to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and register it to your Amazon account.